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YouTube Rewind: The Top Videos of 2018

7th December 2018

YouTube, everyone’s favourite video sharing platform, has released its annual rewind list, which includes the top UK videos of 2018.

In order to create the top-10 rewind list, YouTube looked at the ways in which people reacted with videos including shares, watch time, likes, comments etc. before ranking them on view count. Here’s the list:

1. Paul McCartney Carpool Karaoke

Sir Paul McCartney stars in this special instalment of Carpool Karaoke with James Corden. This video has been viewed over 35 million times and is the most watched video on Youtube this year.

2. The Royal Wedding

Prince Harry’s wedding to former American Actress is second on the list after it was streamed live on YouTube last May. The two-and-a-half-hour-long video has since been viewed over 33 million times.

3. The Royal Wedding – A Bad Lip Reading

This spoof-version of the Royal Wedding is the 3rd most popular video this year, thanks to its hilarious commentary.

4. Courtney Hadwin: 13-Year-Old Golden Buzzer Winning Performance - America's Got Talent

Due to its popularity, this America’s Got Talent audition managed to go viral in the UK too. The video shows a 13-year-old British singer impress the panel of judges before she receives the famous golden buzzer.

5. Yanny v Laurel

Forget the blue/gold dress, this year it was Yanny and Laurel dividing the Internet. This video was viewed on the Guardian’s YouTube account 26 million times.

6. We Broke Up – David Dobrik

YouTuber’s David Dobrik and Liza Koshy announced their break up via YouTube video last June. The video has since had over 46 million views.

 7. Ariana Grande Carpool Karaoke

Carpool Karaoke has made it to the top-10 list for a second time, but this time it was thanks to singer Ariana Grande. Her episode of the famous YouTube series was the 7th most watched video in the UK this year.

8. Dogs Tested To See Whether They'd Defend Owner During Home Invasion

It’s no surprise that a dog-related video has made it into the top-10 list. This clip of American show Inside Edition’s dog burglary experiment is the 8th most-watched video.

9. Marc Spelmann Gets The First Golden Buzzer of 2018 - Britain's Got Talent

Marc Spelmann’s magical and emotional golden buzzer audition from this year’s Britain’s Got Talent has made it to the number 9 spot.

10. Musical Genre Challenge with Ariana Grande 


Ariana appears in the top-10 list again. In this video, she’s singing different genres on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

Click here to find out more by visiting YouTube’s Rewind Channel.

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