Why you should swap Facebook Messenger for Messenger Lite

10th November 2017

Facebook messenger has a lighter, cheaper and faster counterpart that you’ve probably never heard of before – Messenger Lite.

Facebook Messenger has changed the way we communicate online; it’s so popular that now over 1.2 billion people have downloaded it.

Described as a “lightweight version of Messenger”, Messenger Lite requires less storage space (80MB less to be precise) and uses less data, meaning it could potentially save you money.

The app, which was released last year in October, was initially created for release in developing countries like Kenya, India and Sri Lanka due to their low-bandwidth internet connection, but this has since been expanded to 132 countries worldwide, including the UK.

Because Messenger Lite is a stripped-down version of its predecessor, the more advanced features – like stories and stickers – won’t work properly and therefore aren’t present. But, is that really such a bad thing?


The app comes after Facebook removed the ability to use messenger on their main website. It’s not just for those of us with little Internet data, but those of us who enjoy the simple things in life and have limited patience. Facebook seems to have reversed their usual strategies by going back to basics, and we like it.

Bad news if you own an iPhone. Surprisingly, Messenger Lite is not currently available on the app store, only Google Play.

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