Why PepsiCo's Disruptive Driftwell Campaign Is Genius

11th March 2021

PepsiCo has started promoting a new drink that's different from their usual products, in a very different way.

Whilst PepsiCo is known for producing products that contain energizing ingredients such as sugar and caffeine, their latest product couldn't be more opposite. It's a relaxation drink that contains magnesium, lavender, and L-theanine (a scientifically supported ingredient that promotes relaxation).

What's in the drink isn't the only difference. The way PepsiCo is promoting the product is also very different from the lively advertisements we are all used to seeing. Instead, the advertisement appears to encourage consumers to take a break from the usual activities associated with being cooped up at home during the Covid-19 pandemic such as scrolling through our devices and watching TV. In the ad, PepsiCo depicts these habits as monsters called 'The 40 Jinx' disguised into our unhealthy habits and demonstrates how these late-night habits seep into the next day, making us feel tired and unfulfilled.

The targeting for the campaign is executed well, targeting the same audience that appears in the ad itself: the stressed-out public who start engaging in unhealthy wind-down activities such as scrolling and watching TV late into the evening. This is something that we are all going through and affected by each day, making this a highly relevant campaign that's bound to resonate with a huge audience. 

As well as the advert itself, the branding is just as good with its relaxing deep blues and minimalistic design. The slogan "sip into relaxation" has also had a lot of thought go into it as it appears to oppose the phrase "plug in" whilst also playing on the words "slip into relaxation". Clever!

The new product even has its own website which includes a user interface that is even more relaxing to look at and scroll through. See for yourself here!

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