Why off-the-shelf systems just don’t work

26th November 2019

An off-the-shelf system is precisely what it sounds like – a one size fits all approach. While certain off-the-shelf systems do allow minor customization (for a hefty price) most can be used straight away without any customisation.

Although off-the-shelf solutions do works for some, they aren’t the most practical solution. Yes, they’re ready-to-use and sometimes easy-to-use, but does it give you everything your business needs?

Here’s why off-the-shelf systems and software just don’t work:

Features you don’t need

With off-the-shelf, there can be a cluster of features businesses don’t need and will never use. Therefore, they are essentially paying for things that they aren’t using, which is a waste.

You’ll have to compromise

While off-the-shelf systems include features you don’t need, they may also be missing features you do need.

Additional Fees

Although initially cheaper to purchase, there will most likely be a fee for new users, which can become expensive especially for businesses looking to grow.

No Competitive Edge

Off-the-shelf systems are easily accessible to you, other businesses and even your competitors, which doesn’t give you an advantage.

No Control

Any off-the-shelf development is out of your control, you will have next to no say in what functionality is added. The unreliability of changes in your software can be risky for your business.

It seems pretty obvious that off-the-shelf systems aren’t for everyone, especially growing businesses. We specialise in bespoke software solutions, talk to us today about yours.

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