Why Job Management Systems Are Essential For Tradesmen

9th December 2020

Job management systems can help take your business to the next level, but it can be difficult to understand what they are and how they work. In this article, we explain what a job management system is and why it's essential for tradesmen/women.

What is a job management system?

A job management system is designed to guide tradesmen/women through every action involved in completing a particular job. This helps them work through each process in the most efficient way possible so that the job is finished quickly, and to the highest standard. Automation also plays a huge role in the system as it eliminates the risk of human error and reduces time spent on repetitive admin tasks such as invoicing, expenses, and holiday management.

What does a job management system include?

Different job management systems vary, but generally speaking, most will include a task management feature that allows for the scheduling and tracking of jobs/tasks. This can be viewed in the shared staff calendar which allows users to oversee job workflow; meaning that there are never any double bookings when allocating resources or personnel to a job. A quoting feature may also be included which enables users to quickly configure how much the job will cost on-site. 

How does a job management system calculate job costing?

How does a job management system calculate job costing?

Most job management systems include an online timesheet feature that automatically records the hours that each worker has spent working on a job which makes calculating labour costs easy. The system is able to also calculate other costs such as the cost for any parts that the job requires (known as purchase orders) as well as expenses like petty cash and travel expenses.

In addition, most systems will have an asset management feature which will ensure that you are up to date with any on-going asset costs such as vehicle servicing and the status of tools and equipment (physical condition, leasing contracts, etc.). The system sends out notifications in good time whenever an asset requires attention.

Which businesses use job management systems?

There are many businesses that may benefit from job management software - It really depends on how useful the features are for the job at hand. For example, electricians and plumbers would benefit greatly from features such as asset management for keeping on top of their vehicles and tools, purchase orders for parts, staff calendars to assign emergency callouts to, and so on. Most businesses in the construction industry will benefit from a job management system in some way, shape or form as many of the commonplace processes within the industry can be automated and improved.

What is the best job management software?

We believe that the best job management systems are bespoke, such as Oversite. This is because these systems give the user great flexibility as it allows them to pick and choose the features that they need. This means that bespoke users don’t end up paying for features that they don’t use which saves them money, whilst improving the processes that matter to them.

Oversite job management system for trades industry

How can I get one for my business?

To get a UK-based bespoke job management system like Oversite, you will need to initially speak to one of their consultants who will guide you through the consultation process. This allows the system developer to determine which features are needed for your scenario and is a great way to get some advice from professionals who design these systems for clients day in, day out.

It may also be a good idea to research R&D tax credits as your business may be eligible. These are government grants that are given to replace the time that your business has spent on researching and developing a new project which often ends up funding a large amount of the total cost of the new system. Read our article that tells you everything you need to know about R&D Tax Credits here.

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