Why an ecommerce website can benefit you as a retailer

7th March 2017
Digital technologies are continuing to grow at a rapid speed in the retail industry, with the introduction of modernised EPOS systems, advanced ecommerce sites, and clever digital marketing.

Traditional shops have always worked for retailers, people nip into town to grab the groceries and find themselves in multiple shops down the high street. However, with the growth in popularity of online retail giants such as Amazon, people are no longer taking these trips (or should I say as many trips) into town as they once did. Leaving retailers only one option, to jump on the trend and claim their digital audience.

Understandably, ecommerce is not for everyone, if your business is achieving your goals then this may not be something you want to consider as of yet, although, for companies wanting to make a larger margin and appeal to younger audiences, an ecommerce site might be just the boost you’ve been looking for.

We’ve rounded up a list of the top benefits for getting an ecommerce site;

Open All Hours

An ecommerce site gives you a shop that is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, without the stress of finding staff to man it through the night and holidays!

Cut Travel Time

Customers can avoid the traffic and save the environment while they’re at it! Driving a distance to the shop may be a deal breaker for a busy individual.

Expand to New Markets              

Your physical store is limited to the local market (unless obviously, you’re part of a chain or franchise). It can limit you to the locals and any occasional visitors, whereas a website can be open to a global market if you want it to be.

Gain New Customers

Similarly to the point above, it will help brand new customers find you through search engines, providing that you invest in the right digital marketing to give it a boost.


Expanding your business is in the pipeline for most retail business owners, but real estate is pricey. An ecommerce website can let your business expand at a much lower cost, both initially and whilst running, cutting rent and staff wages.

There are many more advantages to having an ecommerce website, if you would like to know if an ecommerce site would work for your business then please get in touch.  You can also check out our service page in the meantime!

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