What Makes a Website Design Bad?

2nd August 2022

A poor website can affect any brand's relationship with their customers no matter how established the brand may be. Low quality websites can ultimately make customers subconsciously view your brand as untrustworthy and of a low quality which can destroy your brand reputation and lose you customers.


What makes a website design 'bad'?

Although the visual aspect of website design are important, there are two common key factors that are more responsible for bad design: layout and usability.

  • Layouts that are cluttered with too much content and have confusing call to actions can really frustrate users so it's important to keep things simple. Having a user flow/journey mapped out beforehand is beneficial as it allows you to plan your layout in a way that coincides with the order of actions the user takes from first arriving to your website, to the call to action. 
  • Usability relates to how well the key functions of your website work. It could be buttons that are difficult to see or click, slowly loading pages or complicated forms that are difficult to fill in.

If we take inspiration from some of the most popular websites out there, they all follow a similar blue print that use simple colour schemes alongside fonts that are easy to read. They also tend to use white space to their advantage, which allows the web page to breathe in between content. 

Website design essentials

Like anything in life, first impressions really do count and it's no different for your website. Within the first few seconds, visitors will notice if your website is modern, if the content is relevant, if contact details are readily available, and whether or not the navigation is confusing. Users are likely to visit many different websites when making a purchase so it's crucial to incorporate some web design essentials which are listed below.

  • Easy to read fonts
  • High quality images
  • Consistent and simple colour scheme that uses complimenting colours
  • Use white space effectively
  • Structure content around engaging headings and clearly defined sections
  • Use colour to highlight specific areas of interest

Can we help?

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