What is a CRM system?

3rd January 2020

A Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) is a software/system used to store and manage all of your current and potential customer’s data. It uses data analysis about a customer’s journey to improve business relationships, promote organisation and help with workflow automation, which leads to an increase in customer satisfaction and customer retention.

In order to facilitate business growth, it is essential that you have a place where all important information can be stored. After all, you don’t want your business to be slowed down because you don’t know the answer to important questions like; Who are our customers? What products do they like? Where do they live? When did we last speak to them? How did the last conversation with a customer end? With a CRM all of this valuable information can be stored in one place.

According to CRM Magazine, 91% of businesses with 10 or more employees now use CRM.

As well as being able to track all of your phone calls, emails and communication, a CRM can also be used to add notes, schedule tasks and organise any next steps that need to be taken.

As this information is stored within a CRM, a digital record is also made, which reduces the risk of tasks and actions getting missed, creates a more efficient workflow, promotes good communication and increases customer satisfaction.

CRM systems work for all types of businesses, even ones that don’t store or manage personal data. If you’re worried about using or implementing a CRM system, don’t be. Here at Go Media, we can create you a complete bespoke CRM system which will be tailored to your businesses specific requirements, so you’ll know exactly what’s on there, why it’s on there, and how to use it.

We don’t stop there. We can add other features to your CRM system to allow you to manage everything you need with just one login. 

We’ve created systems for our clients to help with job management, quoting, bookings, facilities management, e-commerce and more – all of which work from a central CRM system.

A CRM is an extremely important tool if you want to move your business forward in 2020. CRM usage is set to increase this year – fill out the form below for your free CRM consultation. 

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