What Does Lockdown 2 Mean For Your Marketing?

5th November 2020

Despite the obvious setbacks that lockdown brings, there’s still a number of opportunities to be had. Your new-found abundance of time should be your greatest weapon, so we’ve put together a few ideas on how best to use it towards your marketing.

Be There For Your Customers

Your customers are going through this, too. Demonstrate empathy by keeping in touch with them and ensure that they’re up to date with your situation. Why not offer them a free trial or a discount to use with your online shop? You will re-open again sometime in the future, so dishing out discounts and vouchers now will ensure that you’re the first place customers visit. Ultimately, this should be about helping your customers as much as possible now, in the hope that they will return the favour and help your business when restrictions ease.

Be Reactive

Use this time to adapt to the latest trends before your competitors do. In the first lockdown, we saw how the video-sharing platform Tik Tok exploded onto the digital landscape. This quickly became a sizeable opportunity for many businesses to generate sales and advertise their products and services on the platform. What new trends might we see emerge this time during lockdown? Make sure you're one of the first to capitalize.

Be Digital

The dominance of digital has only accelerated this year, and with four out of ten internet users aged between 55-64 expected to shop online more frequently post Covid-19, it’s now more important than ever to be online. Businesses need to react now if they’re still relying on brick and mortar stores as the many physical-based businesses who haven't survived the first lockdown are sadly discovering first-hand. However, more often than not, a brilliant eCommerce store isn't enough on its own and it's, for this reason, why we must emphasize the importance of implementing a digital marketing strategy to accompany your new eCommerce store to drive interest and sales.

If you’re looking to get started with your business’ digital marketing strategy, get in touch with us today. Here at Go Media, we specialise in all things digital; from eCommerce development to social media management and the development of bespoke business systems.

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