What do your brand colours say about your business?

7th February 2020

Branding is a way for customers to identify your business, it is how people recognise and remember you. There is more to a brand than just a logo or colour, you can reflect your brand in many ways, some examples include; the form of your uniform, the customer service you provide, your business cards and other marketing materials.

Beyond creating a memorable logo, you also need to consider the colours you are using in order to portray the type of business you are. After all, those colours are going to represent your business and its services to try and catch attention, along with making a lasting impression.

When it comes to thinking of what colours to use in your brand guidelines, the theory of colour is something to take into consideration.


To begin with, yellow is psychologically the happiest colour on the colour spectrum. Yellow is bright, positive, happy and fresh. This colour may represent your brand as being joyous and friendly, it might encourage customers into approaching you with ease. Examples of businesses who could use yellow within their brand are; childcare services, counselling, or businesses who want to portray trust and positivity.


The colour purple is often associated with luxury, power, ambition and creativity. All of these things will represent your brand in a positive and empowering way – if a customer sees your brand as ambitious and creative, they are highly more likely to approach you with confidence in the services you offer. Examples of industries who could utilise purple into their brand are; confectionary, hospitality and hair/beauty.


Red is predominantly used as a powerful and bold colour, usually translating to passion, excitement and importance. A colour as bold as this used in moderation can enhance your brands status as a more independent, strong and confident establishment. For example, in the trades and construction industry, the finance industry or the confectionery industry.


Green is the colour of life, nature, energy, growth, eco and freshness. Green is an excellent colour to represent natural and eco-friendly products. Examples of industries who could benefit from using green within their branding are; eco-friendly skincare, cosmetics, cleaning products or anything that is sustainable for the environment.  


Pink is a memorable colour. It is imaginative, friendly, welcoming, helpful and bold - that's one of the reasons we use it. Using this colour within your own brand's logo allows customers to feel comfortable when they approach you. Being bold will help them remember your brand and signify strength within your business. Brands who would benefit from using a bold pink for their branding would be competitive companies who sell things like business software, fitness equipment or offer events service.

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Giving your business identity is one of the first steps to a successful business – it opens the door to opportunities for you to market your company, approach customers with confidence and become a face in the business world.

We can create your unique brand identitycontact us today to get started. 

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