Virtual technology has made it to the sky

12th June 2018

Virtual windows are amongst the newest (and coolest) technology ideas to be added to planes and we might be seeing more of them being added to planes across the World soon.

Emirates are the company behind the new window idea, and they have already introduced them in the First Class section of their new Boeing 777-300ER commercial planes. Real windows have been removed from the cabin and replaced with virtual high-resolution screens that display live imagery from fibre-optic cameras embedded on the outside of the aircraft.

The new windows are being tested in the First Class cabin mentioned above for the time being and according to Tim Clark, Emirates President, it gives passengers a better quality image than what they would see with their natural eye. Although, many are left unsure of the effects a screen will have on a passenger's eyes if they fly regularly or on long-haul flights.

The aim of this new addition is to create get rid of structural weaknesses in the fuselage as well as making the plane much lighter which in turn will make it faster flying and more fuel efficient too. The company did not release if and/or when this will be introduced in other cabins and on other planes and it is not known whether other airlines will opt for this design.


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