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Twitter Unveils New Desktop Experience

26th July 2019

Get ready. Your Twitter desktop is about to look a whole lot different.

After months of speculation, Twitter has finally revealed its new, long overdue, desktop interface, which takes inspiration and features from the social giant’s mobile app. 

According to Statistics, Twitter’s audience size is predicted to reach 275 million monthly active users worldwide. Only a selection of its users have had a chance to test out the new look (including us!) since January.

The biggest change is Twitter’s interface, which is noticeably larger. Appearing very light and modern, the home page display is divided into three columns – navigation, newsfeed and searches/trends.

As part of the change, the navigation bar has been transformed into a navigation column, which is now located to the left of your screen. With the update, the new navigation menu includes: Home, Explore, Notifications, Messages, Bookmarks, Lists, Profile and More. 

The Explore feature has been taken from its mobile app and lets users find topics and hashtags that are popular or trending.

The search facility has also had a bit of a makeover – users can now move between “Top,” “Latest,” “People,” “Photos” and “Videos” at the top middle of the screen and use Advanced Search Filters to the right. 

Another feature that seems to be taken from the existing mobile app is the ability to switch between multiple accounts you may manage.



As well as aesthetics, Twitter is also improving its back-end systems and processes to bring its desktop experience in line with its mobile one. 

Over on the Twitter Engineering blog, Twitter's technical team provides a more in-depth explanation of this approach:

"One of Twitter’s goals is to reach everyone everywhere.  Twitter’s web apps are critical to making this happen. They don’t require installation and are immediately accessible by almost every connected device in the world. The open web has unparalleled discoverability and reach. However, the Twitter web team found it difficult to deliver on the promise of bringing Twitter’s features to everyone on the web due to our large user base and the variety of devices they use."

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