Top 8 Time-Saving Business Systems

22nd March 2021

With so many variations and different types of business systems, it can be difficult to understand the difference between each one. In this article, we demystify the 8 different types of time-saving business systems to help you choose the right one for your business.

1. Bespoke Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System

This system is perhaps the most popular system as it applies to most businesses and is fairly commonplace. As you may have guessed from the name, this system focuses on the customer side of the business and acts as a record for company relationships with prospects/leads and customers. However, a bespoke CRM system has the ability to do more than just this and can often be used for setting tasks to other staff members, quotes, invoices, reminders, advanced reporting, and even applications and retentions.

2. Job Management System

This system is popular within the trades and construction industry as it essentially a hub for managing each aspect of a particular job. A bespoke job management system is known for having features such as expense management, job costing, online timesheets, pre-job checklist, tasks, and certificate generation.

3. Asset Management System

Perhaps a more niche system, this system is in place to handle a businesses' assets. This predominantly manages a businesses' vehicle allocation as well as any other assets they may have (such as tools, machines, and any other devices) so that all members of staff are aware of what assets are being used, and when. Asset management can be very useful as it can function to remind when an asset or vehicle's servicing is due - allowing you to plan ahead.

4. Project Management System

This system ensures projects are completed effectively. Whilst it has many features, its main purpose is to monitor each stage of a project to ensure that no stages are missed in the process so checklists are essential in this type of system. Other features seen in job management systems such as timesheets and certificate generation may also be included in the system, but are not essential as long as the system is bespoke.

5. Facilities Management System

This system is aimed at facilities management companies and can greatly reduce the amount of time spent on admin tasks through automating processes such as certificate generation, invoices, and quotes. Works orders are key in this system as tasks can be allocated to employees as and when required. A client portal feature is also common in this type of system, allowing companies to quickly update clients with the status of certain jobs and tasks.

6. Stock/Warehouse Management System

This system streamlines processes within stock/warehouse scenarios. Innovative features such as automatic purchase orders, picking lists, stock levels, and stock locations save time and decrease the likelihood of mistakes made by human error. The system is also known to include other helpful features such as products lists, purchase orders, and supplier management.

7. Material Requirements Planning (MRP) System

This system is used to manage manufacturing processes to ensure that materials are available for production as well as managing the overarching processes involved. This crosses over with warehouse management in some areas but differs as it focuses more on machine scheduling features.

8. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System

In some cases, using only one of the systems mentioned above is not enough for some companies. They may require a deeper system that takes elements from a number of different systems and combines them together to create one overarching bespoke ERP system. This is a popular bespoke system as it gives businesses the ability to have one system that manages their finances, human resources, manufacturing, and supply chain.

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