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The Timeline Of Chocolate Easter Eggs

27th March 2018

Traditionally, everyone purchases some form of chocolate egg at Easter time, spending over £200million per year on them and making it a close second to the busiest chocolate-buying period, Christmas.

As Easter is a Christian holiday, the eggs are indeed highly linked as a metaphorical symbol of the resurrection of Jesus and have been linked all the way back to the 13th Century where it was believed Christians actually painted chicken eggs as it was prohibited to eat them during the Holy Week. The Easter holiday always falls near the beginning of Spring, which is a season known for new life and growth, so the egg is also symbolic of this.

The first chocolate egg didn’t come to the UK until the late 19th Century when JS Fry created a hollow chocolate egg made out of dark chocolate which would be very bitter and grainy to taste in modern day standards. Cadbury’s chocolate followed suit closely afterwards and also created their own version of the chocolate egg, however, it wasn’t until 1905 when they introduced milk chocolate that the egg really took off.

This infographic by Huffington Post shows you the timeline focusing on Cadbury’s movements around the chocolate Easter egg.

A Timeline Showing The History Of The Easter Egg

As you can see the tradition of chocolate eggs was an interesting one, and more and more versions of the treats are hitting shelves including highly decorative ones, mini ones, giant ones and once filled with other treats!

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