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The New Emoji Release For 2019

12th February 2019

Unicode have released the list of the new emojis for 2019 which includes a total of 230 new symbols!

Don’t get too excited just yet, although the icons have been confirmed, they won’t be rolled out until March time and even then it will take a while for operating systems and apps to start supporting the new emojis. We’re realistically looking at a roll out in around April and the months following.

For the foodies out there, the new list includes onion, garlic, butter and a waffle and for the animal lovers, you’ll now have an Orangutan, a Flamingo, a Sloth and an Otter. They are also introducing a yawning face and a ‘pinching’ hand which we think will prove to be popular.

This year is also going to be the most inclusive update yet and has a range of diverse emojis for people to use, such as a wheelchair, an ear with a hearing aid and a prosthetic leg. As well as including disabilities, the update will feature a Sari and a Hindu Temple amongst other cultural additions.

Take a look at the video below for a sneak peak of the new emojis;

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