The Brand Mascots you know and love

9th January 2018

Many brands tend to adopt a brand mascot, whether that is a real person, a cartoon character, a puppet or even an animal, the companies use these to be at the forefront of their brand and usually the brand ‘voice’.

It is an advertising technique that is more common with older brands, but it can also work for modern brands as we’ve seen happen for Compare the Market with their trustee meerkat mascots. It is a great way to engage your audience with a character, someone they feel they can like and get to know and above all, remember.

In the midst of the recent change of the much loved Captain Birdseye character which was released on TV last night, we’ve taken a look at some of the most famous mascots and see if you recognise them!

Aleksandr Orlov is the furry face (alongside his family of meerkats) behind ‘’ a website which is hypothetically mistaken with, an insurance comparative website. They now have a fully-fledged website of their own showcasing the toy collection, an online game and’s gift of 2for1 cinema tickets with ‘Meerkat Movies’.

Ronald McDonald

Arguably the most recognisable clown, Ronald is the mascot of worldwide fast-food giant, McDonald's. He first appeared 1963 and has been portrayed by a fair few actors over the years, McDonald’s also used the name to help found Ronald McDonald House Charities whose stated mission is to create, find, and support programs that directly improve the health and well-being of children. The clown has also appeared in comics, an animated video series, video games and even films!


As one of Britain’s first direct car insurance companies, they wanted a way to differentiate themselves from former Prime Minister, Winston Churchill. In 1994 they introduced their mascot, a British Bulldog suitably named ‘Churchill’, originally this was a real dog actor, which later became a nodding dog and can now be seen as an animated character on adverts.

Green Giant

First introduced in 1925 by the Minnesota Valley Company (MVC) to resemble a large variety of pea that was sold by them, the Green Giant is now the iconic symbol of the MVC who rebranded in 1950 to become the Green Giant Company. Since then the Jolly Green Giant features on advertising, encouraging people to eat their 5 a day.

Andrex Puppy

This mascot may not do any talking but it has the cuteness factor! Since 1972 this mischievous little fella has been on our screens more than 120 times and has been played by over 100 Labrador puppies. The company has soft toys replicating the pup that people can buy and even puppy embellished toilet roll, people also often refer to golden Labradors as an ‘Andrex Puppy’.

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