The benefits of using software in recruitment

20th March 2020

The recruitment industry is a saturated and highly competitive industry. In the UK alone, the industry is worth over £35 billion, so it is highly important, as a business in this industry, to be as effective and efficient as possible in order to stay ahead.

But, how can you stand out from all of your competitors? Using a bespoke software system will allow you to reduce hours of admin work, cut costs, streamline processes and work much faster.

86% of recruiting professionals say that using recruitment software has helped them hire faster, isn’t that what every recruiter wants? After all, this will open up more time to deal with enquiries, prospects and other clients.

In particular, 78% of recruiters say that using an ATS (Applicant Tracking System) has improved the quality of the candidates they hire. An ATS allows you to recruit and hire electronically, saving time and money. This application can be implemented into a bespoke software, making it accessible for your employees.

Within the recruitment industry, there are many tasks involved which are manual and repetitive, using software can effectively speed up and even automate many processes, including automatic email responses, task reminders and more.

Using software can help recruiters to find candidates faster, by automatically matching their CV’s to the keywords of your choice. This allows applicants to be filtered to your preference, which is much more efficient than going through each application, especially when each corporate job offer attracts, on average, upwards of 250 CV’s.

As well as being able to filter CV’s, recruitment software that is linked to your website also provides the ability for candidates to upload CV’s 24/7, which is highly convenient.

Using software in any industry improves communication and efficiency, it’s what every business needs to be truly successful. When recruiting, it is very important to have a quick response time, while also communicate effectively and clearly with your colleagues and potential candidates. Using software provides recruitment agencies with the tools they need to enhance communication, by allowing you to automate things such as response emails, keeping candidates in the loop.

There are many benefits of using software within the ever-growing recruitment industry. To stand out from your competitors, why not tailor a bespoke system to your business’ exact requirements. This way, you can add all of the features you know will make your recruitment process easier while being different from your competitor.

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