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Tango returns to TV after 4 years

7th June 2019

Britvic owned Tango has introduced the ‘Tanguru’, a character who is summoned by awkward situations, in their first TV advert in 4 years.

The series of adverts, titled “Time To Tango”, features a family who find themselves in awkward and sticky situations. In one video, a girl sends an accidental text to her Dad that was meant for her boyfriend. Luckily, the Tanguru comes to the rescue.

Tango is no stranger to awkward TV appearances. The soft drinks brand has had multiple adverts banned in the past, including the Orange Man who encouraged a slapping copycat craze.

Discussing the campaign, Ray Patterson Britvic's brand director, said: “Tango has a big personality and we’ve always been bold with our humour and tone. While the brand remains a firm favourite with current Tango drinkers, we want to extend its appeal to new audiences. And we’re confident our new ads will really resonate with them.”

In addition to this, the agency behind the concept said: “Tango is a legendary brand that pushed the boundaries of advertising 20 years ago. But to a new teen generation, who don't know anything of orange slapping bald men or Ray Gardner’s speech, we had to do something to make a splash in the fruit carbonates category. 

"Now the hit of real orange is replaced by the hit of our Tanguru. She appears in sticky situations appearing with sage refreshing solutions.” 

Alongside the campaign, Tango has had a brand makeover, releasing 3 sugar-free flavours.

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