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Spotify Could Be Releasing A Social Listening Feature

25th June 2019

Listening to music is something you can enjoy by yourself or in the company of others, and with Spotify’s latest feature, it makes it easy to listen together.

This isn’t the first time the music streaming app has come up with ways to share music and playlists with friends, around 2 years ago they teamed up with Facebook Messenger allowing users to create collaborative playlists together straight from within the app. Take a look at how this works over on our blog

The new feature of social listening was discovered by, Jane Manchun Wong who is well-known for finding unreleased features on apps through delving into their code. After finding the feature in Spotify’s Android app, she took screenshots to give us an idea of what it may look like, it initially shows a “Connect With Friends” button which allows the user to share a QR code with friends. Once friends are connected, they will be in a group playlist listening to the same music and all of the members having the ability to control what songs are playing.

Wong has found that it is currently only accessible for Spotify employees and the feature is yet to be confirmed by the company. She wasn’t able to test the feature too well because of this so we’re not sure exactly how seamless the social listening is for example whether users all get entered at the present time of the song like you would if you tuned into a radio or if the song would start again for a new member.

Do you think Spotify should release the new feature?

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