Social Media Calendar 2019: April

29th March 2019

A social media calendar is the best tool for planning your content strategy in advance. Posting content that’s both relevant and present will mean people are more likely to engage with it.

From national holidays to awareness days – there can be so much going on in the world, that sometimes it’s hard to choose which events are worth posting about and which are not.

Luckily, we’re here to help. We’ve rounded up the most important dates we’ve found online, into one easy-to-use calendar. 

Here are some dates you could be posting about this April:

1st – April Fool’s Day, Family Safety Week starts

2nd - International Children’s Book Day

3rd – World Party Day

5th – Walk to Work Day 

6th – Discover National Parks Fortnight, International Pillow Fight Day 

7th – World Health Day 

10th – Siblings Day 

11th – National Pet Day, World Parkinson’s Day 

16th – World Voice Day

19th – Good Friday

21st – National Tea Day, Easter Sunday 

22nd – Easter Monday, International Mother Earth Day, National Stop Snoring Week starts 

24th – Stop Food Waste Day 

23rd – St George’s Day, English Language Day, World Book Night

25th – World Malaria Day, World Penguin Day 

26th – World Intellectual Property Day, World IP Day

27th – National Gardening Week starts

28th – World Day for Safety & Health at Work, The London Marathon

29th – World Wish Day, International Dance Day

April is also Stress, Bowel Cancer, Autism, Parkinson’s and IBS Awareness Month, it’s also National Pet Month.

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