Save Time and Money through Business Process Automation

15th March 2019

38% of small business owners consider time as their most valuable asset. Saving a few minutes here and there on administrative work means that small business owners can focus on other areas of the business - like growth - while saving money in the process.

With the technology and tools available to business, it’s crazy to think that some are still wasting time on manual and repetitive tasks. Did you know, tasks that are completed manually take 20 times longer to complete than those that are automated? The possibilities of automation in processes like accounting, customer relationship management, HR and recruitment are limitless.

That said, not many business owners are aware of the technologies available to them or are reluctant to implement a system or software into their business when doing so could save them time, money and A LOT of headaches.

“Business process automation, also known as business automation or digital transformation, is the technology-enabled automation of complex business processes. It can streamline a business for simplicity, achieve digital transformation, increase service quality, improve service delivery or contain costs.” 

We’ve listed the areas of your business which could benefit from automation:

Invoicing and Accounting

When it comes to the cost of invoicing, most companies rarely look past the paper the invoice is printed on, when 90% of the total cost of invoicing, which can sometimes cost up to £50, actually comes from the labour involved. 

According to Aberdeen Research’s “Invoicing and Workflow” study, businesses that automate their accounting processes reap significant benefits —including processing their invoices significantly faster and at a much lower cost. 

Automation-focused systems and software can also help reduce routine tasks like data entry, bookkeeping, payroll – the list goes on.

HR and Recruitment

With automation technology, Key HR activities like recruitment, holiday management and performance tracking can now be completed faster and more accurately. 

Smart CV libraries found in automation-based software allow recruiters to quickly search and find candidates that match certain criteria or keywords – something which would traditionally take up a lot of time. 

Integration with recruitment websites and social media platforms mean that jobs can be automatically distributed once they are added to a website. Emails can be sent to candidates without lifting a finger and interview slots can be assigned automatically.

Holiday management is important to your employees, but it’s a time-consuming process that doesn’t need to be. Automation solutions allow you to set rules and configurations so that employee holidays can be accepted or declined automatically. Not only would this reduce admin time, but it also reduces the risk of becoming short-staffed. 

Sales and Marketing

Gone are the days of using mail merge – powerful automation tools allow you to migrate your leads into your email marketing campaigns so that you can send promotional material and helpful information to them. You could also do this on a scheduled basis to reduce the work involved.

Quoting is an essential part of any and every business that sells a product or service, it’s also a repetitive process that takes a lot of manual input. Automation solutions allow you to drastically streamline your quoting process by using pre-populated data, including prices and descriptions, to quickly produce quotes. 

These are just some of the key areas of business that automation can have a positive impact on; the possibilities for automation and streamlining of business processes really are endless. 

Are you interested in learning more about how automation could simplify your business process while saving you time and money? We specialise in bespoke business solutions that are built around the concept of saving time and money through automation. 

Speak to us about your workflow and your current business processes and we’ll propose a completely bespoke solution that will set your company up to succeed.

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