Remembering David Bowie

12th January 2016
David Bowie was in no doubt a pioneer, in music, film, art and even the internet. The late icon was a leading name in the ISP game in the early days of commercial internet usage. We look back at how David Bowie was a driving force in the use of the internet, and just how much he knew about what it was capable of.

In September 1998, BowieNet was launched. The all new internet service was created to both provide visitors with exclusive content, and gave people ways to interact with Bowie himself. This was in the days before social media and other platforms, so this effort to reach out to fans was the most groundbreaking of the time.

BowieNet also operated as a full internet service provider (ISP) in the UK and the United States, in competition with AOL & Claranet to name a few. Users of the service got an email address and access to all of the exclusive content Bowie would participate in. In his spare time, Bowie would chat online with users and create new content such as interviews with special guests.

BowieNet was a pioneer of the Internet industry

The most impressive part in all of this is that David Bowie was able to see the power the internet would have in the future. During the 90’s, Bowie was known to say multiple times that he expected the internet to have a big effect on the music industry. Don’t forget, this is when websites used to look like this

People will of course always remember David Bowie for his amazing music. Songs such as ‘Space Oddity’, ‘Heroes’ and ‘Life on Mars?’ will remain greats for a very long time. However, Bowie was a pioneer in everything he put his mind to, and that’s why we loved him.

RIP Starman.

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