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Our Favourite Logos Of All Time

24th May 2019

As we all know, a logo is crucial to the success of a lot of companies. Whether it be Coca-Cola, Ferrari, or Apple; we all have one that springs to mind.

Our design team has hand-picked a collection of their favourite logos. Here they are:

  1. Starbucks

The Starbucks logo depicts a twin-tailed mermaid, or siren; which does seem rather random. Since the company was bought by Howard Schultz in 1987, the logo has undergone numerous revisions to reduce its complexity. The Starbucks logo is now already widely recognised, which is probably down to its sheer originality.


  1. Nike

The Nike “Swoosh” is a dynamic form that effectively represents motion. This is the perfect symbolism for a sports brand, and so has remained untouched since its adoption in 1971.  Designed by Carolyn Davidson, the “swoosh” refrains from being gimmicky. It distracts somewhat from the Nike brand name, which derives from the Greek Goddess of Victory.


  1. Chanel

First conceived in 1925, the logo of Chanel is undoubtedly one of the most recognised in the world. The reversed and intertwined letters are an artistic presentation of the French designer, Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel, who’s premium brand has been at the forefront of fashion for almost 100 years. 


  1. Victoria & Albert Museum (V&A)

Although Alan Fletcher designed the logo for V&A in 1990, the lettering originated 200 years previously. The elegant Italian style was chosen by Fletcher due to its historical importance, however, he reconfigured it slightly by removing the stem of the “A”.

Victoria & Albert Museum

  1. Juventus

The famous Italian football club took on a new logo in 2017. This design is unusually contemporary, reflecting a new era for the club, and indeed football more widely. Juventus is now part of a host of football clubs that have removed the footballing connotations from their badge. Within Europe, this trend was famously led by Manchester United in 1998.


  1. Braun

Braun’s logo, which was designed in 1952 by the graphic designer Wolfgang Schmittel, is highly distinctive. Despite this family-business being bought by American giants, Proctor & Gamble, the logo continues to be adopted today; and remains one of the most recognised within the modern market.


  1. Ralph Lauren

This American fashion brand’s logo takes inspiration from the sport of polo, offering a striking depiction of a figure playing polo. This connotes a sense of class, whilst also presenting a tradition within American culture. Interestingly, the founder, Ralph Lauren (né Lifshitz) is the son of Jewish immigrants from Belarus.


  1. Danese Milano

This furniture company’s logo displays the initials of Bruno Danese, its co-founder, in a striking yet curious way. Designed by Franco Meneguzzo in 1957, this hand-drawn symbol marks the company as individualistic; corresponding to the small editions of handmade items and furniture associated with it.

Danese Milano

  1. Burberry

The premium fashion brand, Burberry’s logo certainly suits its high-end status. Although briefly associated with hooliganism, the company has managed to shake off this stigma, and once again appeal to the English Sloanes that first brought it success.


  1. Lacoste

Founded in 1933 by the French Tennis Player, René Lacoste, the clothes brand is famous for its crocodile logo. Réne Lacoste was nicknamed “Crocodile” by the public and press during his playing days, and so it made perfect sense to embrace this with his fashion brand. It is surely impossible to think of Lacoste without picturing the famous crocodile!

Interestingly, Lacoste recently removed its crocodile from its “iconic spot” on some of its polo shirts. It was replaced by stylised illustrations of the world’s most endangered species, offering limited-edition garments to raise money for the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). A brilliant brand, with a brilliant logo.


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