National Rail uses ASMR in new campaign

19th February 2019

You may have spotted a strange video sponsored on your Facebook news feed or on National Rail’s Facebook profile if you follow them.

National Rail have jumped on the trend of ASMR, which stands for autonomous sensory meridian response, it is believed to have been coined back in 2010 and has risen in popularity ever since. Some people whilst listening to ASMR which usually consists of whispering or hushed tones and other repetitive noises, experience a so-called ‘tingly’ feeling in the head and down the neck, however, there is no scientific evidence to prove it works, in fact a lot of people don’t experience anything from listening to it.

The video, which was posted on National Rail’s Facebook page last week, was created by ASMR star, Emma Smith and features her melodic tones among other sounds using various objects. You can watch the video below, if you haven’t seen it already;

Lots of people are seemingly unimpressed with National Rail’s post and have expressed their thoughts in the comments. Andrew Routledge’s comment generated 173 likes! “It's good that National Rail are focusing on the key priorities. You know what else is relaxing? Knowing that you're going to get to work on time, and actually being able to sit down on the seat you paid for. I find these things really relaxing.”

On the other hand, some users are coming to ASMR and Emma Smith’s rescue, asking others to look up the technique used and congratulating both the YouTuber and National Rail on a great video. Hillary McLean commented saying “That was absolutely lovely! Thank you so much for making this Emma and National Rail. To those who have never experienced ASMR, I remember my first time watching something like this, it was a little odd feeling and unsettling. But then you get the sense that the people that make these videos are doing so to make you feel nice and relaxed. A lot of folks use ASMR to sleep or to calm down during stressful moments. Please don't knock it even if it doesn't do anything for you!”

We’re not quite sure where National Rail was going with this one, either way, it has a lot of engagement from both lovers and haters. What are your thoughts?

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5th February 2019
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