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Lacoste Changes Its Logo For the Second Time

24th May 2019

You may have noticed last year that Lacoste mixed up their logo in support of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).

This year they replaced their famous crocodile with 10 different endangered species for a period of 24 hours only on the 22nd of May to raise awareness of the plummeting numbers of the animals across the World.

The 10 animals were chosen specifically for the country they were to be distributed in as they represented an endangered animal from that particular part of the World. This included an online shirt that sold out.

saveourspecies-desktop from LACOSTE SA on Vimeo.

On the day there were only 3,520 polo shirts in total that you could get your hands on, whether you were online or in-store. The number derives from how many of each species there are left in the World, it breaks down into;

The Hawaiian Monk Seal on – 1400

Seoul: The Moheli Scops Owl – 400

New York: The North Atlantic Right Whale – 444

Paris: The Iberian Lynx – 589

London: The Yemeni Mouse-Tailed Bat – 150

Tokyo: The Northern Hairy-Nosed Wombat – 115

Miami: The Mountain Chicken – 132

Shanghai: The Cebu Damselfly – 50

Berlin: The Addex – 90

Los Angeles: The Opal Goodeld – 150


All of the profits of the polo shirt sales are given to IUCN.

Some of the lucky ones who managed to bag themselves one of the special edition tops are already trying to sell them online for profit as not only are they raising money for endangered species they are also super rare editions of Lacoste Polo Shirts.


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