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Improve Your Website’s Conversion Rate With These 8 Tips

5th March 2019

Roughly, only around 22% of businesses are satisfied with their conversion rate and when it comes to online conversions your website will be playing a huge part in this and therefore needs to be set up for success.

Slow and steady wins the race! You shouldn’t rush your website even though it seems a great idea to get a website up and running and drive loads of traffic to it, you could be missing out on potential conversions by not taking the time to optimise it.

Here’s a quick list of ways you can improve your website to increase conversions;

1 Secure Your Site

Did you know that 84% of people will not make a purchase if they are dealing with an unsecured website? (Blue Corona, 2018). An SSL certificate (https) encrypts the link and is becoming an essential part of websites, particularly since Google flags all unsecured websites.

2 Speed Up

Website speed is key when it comes to conversions, any longer than a 2 second loading time increases the bounce rate by 50%.

3 Analyse It

If you have tracking on your website e.g. through Google Analytics, you’ll have much more insight into how your users behave on your website, including pages which work well and pages where people are most likely to drop off.

4 Clear Heading

Tell people what the page is about straight away, you don’t want to give them chance to get bored or frustrated looking for the purpose of your landing page.

5 Call To Actions

Again, you need to make it easy for the user to convert. A good idea is to keep your CTA’s in clear sight and close to the top and they need to grab the users attention.

6 Use A Video

According to Wordstream 2018, a video on the landing page will increase conversions by a huge 86%. If you have an explainer video, it should almost definitely be used on your website so people can easily find out about your company, services and products.

7 Testimonials

Customer reviews are a great way to prove yourselves as a quality business and encourage sales, in fact, it is said that 90% of sales are influenced by reviews.

8 Keep It Short

Forms should be kept short and easy to fill in, you can always collect additional information at a later stage.

There are of course more ways you can optimise your website and landing page for results and in many cases, this will differ from business to business. If you need help with a company website and user experience please get in touch.

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