How will Facebook's 'Dislike' button work?

16th September 2015
If you haven't already heard, Mark Zuckerberg (CEO of Facebook) announced that they are working on a 'dislike' button after many years of Facebook users requesting one. However it may not be used in the way you think.

In a public Q&A at Facebook’s headquarters, California, Zuckerberg revealed that they were working on creating a desired ‘dislike’ button as it has been a question from users since the ‘like’ button was introduced in 2009. He claimed that they are “working on it and are very close to shipping a test of it.” But at the minute, that’s all we know, the release dates and exact information about the new button is yet to be confirmed.

One thing we do know is that this button is not to be used to downvote others posts and Zuckerberg doesn’t think people will use this feature as a malicious way to leave negative views on friend’s posts. Instead, the new feature is to express empathy on posts when it seems insensitive to ‘like’ such as posts about loss or death.

However, there will most likely be some users that take this new feature to use negatively e.g. showing frustration with ads popping up on their newsfeed. This could be damaging for company’s campaigns across Facebook as others will see the negative feedback they are getting on adverts and we’re also wondering if this will affect the ‘pay-per-click’ on ads as surely a ’dislike’ will count the same as a ‘like’. If this is the case Facebook will be making a considerable amount on adverts once this is implemented.

Before now Facebook has focused on positivity such as the Amber Alert feature that was introduced in America to try and find missing persons by showing their images on people's newsfeeds (rumoured to roll out in the UK soon) and the new ‘moments’ feature that shows your friendships with Facebook friends and happy memories. Therefore the ‘dislike’ button seems a strange route to take, nevertheless the Facebook team are adamant that it will be used as a force of good in situations where a thumbs up may seem inappropriate.

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