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How to Increase Engagement on Social Media

2nd August 2019

Is your social media engagement lacking? We’ve got some tips to help you turn it around.

Overall engagement rates are low. And, while some brands are adapting to new trends and sustaining good levels of engagement, some brands are struggling to keep up. 

Instagram, for example, revealed last month that engagement on its platform has dramatically dropped. The photo-based social network giant released figures that showed the engagement of sponsored posts has gone from 4% to 2.4% over the past 3 years. The engagement rate of organic posts dropped from 4.5% to 1.9% of the same years. 

If you’re looking to increase engagement. Try these tricks:

Host a competition or giveaway 

Give away a product or service in return for a flood of engagement. You could ask people to comment on your competition post with a certain word or emoji, the possibilities are endless. 

Ask a question or do a poll 

What better way to get a response from your audience than to ask them a direct question or poll? Social media platforms have specific tools for this, like Facebook who allow you to do a poll to your audience.

Initiate conversation in comments

If you have a small portion of users who do regularly engage your content, you could reply and initiate conversations with them, which would, overall, improve your engagement rate.

Post a video

Statistics online show that video posts get better engagement results than posts with just text and imagery. 

Use Hashtags

Posts with at least one hashtag typically attain more than 12% more engagement. Take advantage of trends and events and initiate conversations with your audience. 

Talk about subjects and topics relating to your industry

Don’t just sell, sell, sell. Post interesting and relevant topics that your audience will respond positively to and may even add input. 

Post real-life images

People are much more likely to engage with a post that includes real people or real-life situations. According to Yahoo Labs, posts with human faces are 32% more likely to attract comments and 38% more likely to get likes.

Get involved with special awareness days

There are hundreds of awareness days each year that you can post about. If these are trending, you could even appear in the search results. 

Many business owners understand the importance of social media, they just don’t have the knowledge or resources to execute a successful social media campaign. 


That’s why we’re here. We can manage all aspects of your social presence, including pay per click advertising and social media graphic creation, as well as management. 


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