How to get your iPhone photos on Apple's new Instagram profile

11th August 2017
Facebook owned Instagram is quickly becoming one of the biggest social networks of our time; it now has over 700 million monthly active users, including Apple, who have finally decided to join the rest of us by creating a native account on the app last Monday.

Instagram Stats August 2017
The reason behind the launch appears to be surrounded by Apple’s widely recognised ‘Shot on iPhone’ marketing campaign that has been running for around 2 years now. Instead of posting their own content, Apple is encouraging iPhone users to share their own photography on Instagram with the hashtag #ShotOniPhone.

Presumably, the corporation will sift through submissions and choose the best to re-post themselves but will never do so without permission, they have stressed. Furthermore, it won’t feature product galleries, commercials, or other company marketing on the account. So basically, your best chance of being featured, is to include the hashtag #ShotOniPhone in your caption.

Instagram Apple

The high profile, photography focussed marketing campaign is no-doubt the company's most successful, you may recognise it from one of Apple’s 10,000+ billboards, situated across 25 countries. Photos from iPhone users have also appeared across newspapers, online magazines and 15-second TV Adverts - it only makes sense for Apple to expand the campaign onto the world’s favourite photo sharing app.

Shot on iPhone Billboard

So far, eight collections of photos have been posted, along with overlaid interviews and attribution to the photographers. It’s not reported how long the campaign on Instagram will last, but the company ‘does plan to continue updating its account with new photos', a spokesperson has said.

This isn’t Apple’s first account on Instagram, Apple Music has built up a following of over 2 million followers since joining in June 2015 – they also have verified accounts for iTunes, iBooks, Beats1, Carpool Karaoke and even Planet of the Apps. The new account currently has around 550k followers but we can expect this to rise rapidly in the near future.

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