How Sports Clubs Can Make Money Behind Closed Doors During COVID-19

22nd May 2020

In the current circumstances, we are all in at the moment, it is extremely difficult for many industries to find ways to generate income. In particular, Sports clubs – which are no longer playing their usual regular games in front of thousands of fans. Missing out on these crucial games can mean that some clubs have no income at all.

For many clubs right now, it is essential that they can source another way of increasing their income. So, what more can clubs do to make money during COVID-19?

Sportals is a product created by Go Media which has been designed for the Sporting industry. Sportals provides an online platform, with several features you can choose from to create an online community for club fans.

There are many features, including a news feature, which allows you to keep fans up to date with the latest news from your club. Fan relationship management, which allows you to get a unique insight into your fan base. From purchasing and viewing habits to attendance and demographics, you can use this valuable information to increase fan engagement and boost crowd numbers. There are many other features which can add value to your club, visit the Sportals website to view them.

Another way for a sports club to increase their revenue is by using SportalsTV – a TV platform in which clubs can present their closed-door matches to fans at home, at the price of a subscription fee. This not only keeps your fans up to date with your matches, but it also brings money in for your club.

Along with Sportals and SportalsTV, another way to generate more income for your club could be by utilising all your team news, updates, and content into a digitalised magazine – which your fans would subscribe to every month. As well as receiving income from the subscriptions, there is also a lot of opportunities to receive income from companies wanting to advertise throughout the magazine.

Sportals can digitalize your content into an appealing magazine format, enquire today to get yours.

There are opportunities to increase revenue for your club, get in touch with us today to speak about what we can do to help you.

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