How Facebook Messenger Moves Business

5th November 2019


In business, good customer relationships are significant. Every relationship is formed upon communication, and today communication has never been easier, businesses are able to connect through a powerful, more personal medium – Facebook Messenger.

In the past few years, the use of mobile messaging apps has been on the rise. By the end of 2018, 78% of the world’s smartphone users messaged every single month. This rapid growth is set to increase, by 2021 it is predicted that the use of mobile messaging apps will rise by a further 23%.

Businesses are turning away from traditional communication and heading over to apps like Messenger for customer interaction, as this enables them to channel their brands' guidance and expertise in a much more personal way.

So, why should you be using Facebook Messenger for your business?

It’s Quick

While convenience and reliability play a huge part in a customer’s expectations, so does response time. Messenger allows you to respond back to customers in a fast, informative way.

It’s Easy to Use

Facebook Messenger is easy for customers to use, they can send a message or query to you in minutes, hence the rapid growth in use. It is also easy to use, reply and inform customers on the services and products you offer.

Privately Resolve Public Complaints

As a company, you can use Messenger to privately resolve public complaints, by clicking one button on their comment, ‘message’ allows you to personally message the customer to resolve this right there and then.

It's Personal

Messenger allows you to engage with your customers in a personal way, with quick responses. This will make the customer experience much more positive, as the 1-on-1 connection will allow you to resolve any queries from them there and then.

You Can Use It to Grow

It gives you the ability to reach more people and inform them of your products. You can help customers choose what is right for them. With Messenger, you can use ads to up-sell products where possible, through the customer's needs and interests.

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