How brands can benefit from video on demand

31st January 2020

Video-on-demand (VoD) allows users to view videos in real-time or download them to view later through an interactive TV/media platform.

According to statistics, nearly 44% of people watch less live TV as a result of video-on-demand services like Netflix and Amazon.

These figures evidently show that the growth of video-on-demand services is on the rise - rapidly. In recent years, businesses have started using this service to reach customers in a new way.

Industries of all kinds can benefit from using video-on-demand. Below, we’re going to list just a few examples of how businesses in certain industries can utilise VoD in order to acquire new customers, increase brand awareness and in some cases create extra revenue channels.


There are many different sectors in the training industry like business coaching, HR and many more which can benefit from VoD. It's is a good tool for these industries to showcase their services and pass on knowledge.

Business coaches and training professionals alike can use video to create online lessons which people can subscribe and pay or sign up for.


People want to see products, how they work and how to maintain them before deciding to buy. For example, if you own a company where you sell equipment, you could do how-to style videos, showing how to properly maintain and clean the equipment in the best way. That way, people are receiving much-needed knowledge and advice, while you’re representing your products to them in a relaxed way.

Video on demand is great for tutorials on things like hair and makeup, showing people how to use products or how to style their hair in a certain way. That way, people are more willing to subscribe to you as they are receiving helpful information and content.


If you are a personal trainer, you could use video on demand to post and update your clients/customers on specific workouts. People will be willing to subscribe if they were watching relevant information/workouts relevant to the goals they want to achieve, and you’re indirectly promoting your service to them while they watch.


Established and grassroots sports clubs who have dedicated supporters can offer VoD to give fans access to exclusive content, previous matches, highlights and even some behind the scenes footage. SVoD (subscription video on demand) allows clubs to charge a monthly fee which creates extra revenue for clubs and more opportunities for sponsorship.

SportalsTV, which is created by Go Media, gives clubs a platform to showcase exclusive content to fans easily – and helps them generate revenue from doing so.

Click here to find out more about Sportals by Go Media.

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