Hinge is encouraging users to delete its app

13th August 2019

Despite the fact that 25 million people will use a dating app this year, some experts are predicting a decrease in growth in the future. One dating app is taking a different approach to marketing, encouraging users in its latest campaign to delete the dating app.

Hinge, which is the fastest-growing dating app in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia, claims to set up a date every 4 seconds. Until now, the app has been promoted by recommendations and influencers – it’s only recently the brand started to focus on video content surrounding the “designed to be deleted” slogan.

The new campaign features ‘Hingie’, a character mascot based on the brand's app logo, who is run over, attacked by pigeons, burnt and drowned in a washing machine (to name a few). It will appear on TV, Snapchat, Twitter, Reddit, Instagram, YouTube and Hulu, the Disney-owned streaming site. 

“On Hinge there are no rules, timers or games because we’ve created an app that’s actually designed to get people off their phones and out on great dates,” Hinge CMO Nathan Roth told Marketing Week.

“We’re bringing our app icon to life and having it die as couples hit it off. By doing that we are showing our users we truly want to find someone worth deleting the app for. Quite literally Hinge is dying for you to find love.” 

“We’re excited to get the word out there and we hope it inspires people to get off their phones, get into the real world on dates, meet new people and ultimately delete the app, hopefully for good.” 

If you’ve not seen the advert, here it is:

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