Google Hire Recruitment App Updates

26th June 2018

The recruiting process is made a whole lot easier with Google’s Hire app, and they’ve just introduced some more updates to improve the service.

We mentioned that the app was coming early last year and it has now been running for 10 months helping small and medium-sized companies streamline their recruitment process by integrating other parts of the G Suite such as Gmail and Google Calendar.

Some of the apps main features include posting of jobs to multiple job sites, schedule interviews faster with the Google calendar integration, capture and track candidates and much more. The company are now taking a keen focus on how AI (Artificial Intelligence) can increase the efficiency of the app and save even more time for recruiters.

Google commented on the new updates; 

“With the launch of Hire last year, we simplified the hiring process by integrating it into the tools where recruiters already spend much of their day—Gmail, Google Calendar and other G Suite apps. Recruiters tell us Hire has fundamentally improved how they work, with less context switching between apps. In fact, when we measured user activity, we found Hire reduced time spent completing common recruiting tasks—like reviewing applications or scheduling interviews—by up to 84 percent.”

The new features will save time by suggesting interview times based on connected Google Calendar schedules as well as alerting a candidate if a recruiter cancels the interview last minute and suggesting booking them into the next available slot.

They have also added what seems to be a big game changer, recruiters now are shown highlighted words/phrases on CV’s that match the job description, making it much easier to find suitable candidates. Once recruiters have found suitable candidates, they can now call them with just one-click from within the app.

Google has realised what their clientele have been missing by analysing their actions and introduced these simple yet effective solutions.

Small businesses could definitely benefit from these updates, however, if you’re a recruiter looking for a way to streamline all of your processes and add the exact functions you need as an individual company, then please go to our Bespoke Recruitment Systems page to read a little more about our solution, or contact us and we’ll be happy to help. 

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