Google Hacks To Increase Productivity

9th April 2019

Google is a lot more than a search engine, it can help boost your productivity if you know how to utilise all of its features.

Some of the hacks may seem obvious or you may have come across them in your regular searches, however, there are a few more obscure searches that could be beneficial to you.

Essentials/Everyday Tasks

Calculator – Google doubles up as a calculator if you type in your formula.

Currency Converter – simply type "amount + currency A to currency B." to find out the conversion.

Weather Forecast – bring up the weather forecast in the location you’re in or searching for.

Timer and Stopwatch – type “start stopwatch” or “set timer” to use Google’s built-in versions.

Sunrise and Sunset – quickly bring up the exact time of the sunrise/sunset in your desired location.

Calculate a Tip – search for “tip calculator” and let Google do the maths.

Download Search History – easily find a webpage you’ve previously been to.


Just For Fun

Do a Barrel Roll – all you have to do is type “do a barrel roll”.

Throwback – take a look at where Google began by typing “Google in 1998”.

Fun Facts – type “fun facts” or “I’m feeling curious” and Google will deliver you some interesting random facts.

Discover the Origin of a Word – simply search "Etymology + word" with the word you want to know about.


Advanced Tools

Google Password Manager – keep all of your passwords in one place with this manager.

Google Trends – a great tool for marketers to keep up to date with trends, find it here.

Google Timeline History – track your location by date and time using this tool

Google Newspaper Archive – find newspapers from across the World dating back to 1798 here

Adjust Your Ad Settings – choose what ads you want to see by going to ad settings.

Find Related Websites – type "" adding the web address in which you want to find other websites that relate.

File Type – you can search solely for the file type you’re after by searching "query + filetype:extension." Adding the specific file extension in place of the word.

Exact Search Phrase – if you’re looking for something specific, put the keyword or sentence in quotation marks so your results have to include it.


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