Finally! Apple Pay is coming to the UK

1st July 2015
As well as telling us about Apple Music at WWDC, Apple also announced that their wireless payment system, Apple Pay, would be coming to the UK in July. So when can we expect to start paying with our iDevices?

Apple Pay is a system that allows you to purchase items using your Apple device. You can use your iPhone or Apple Watch to complete a transaction, all while leaving your cards and cash in your pocket. By using your fingerprint on the iPhone, you can make a simple touch payment, similar to a contactless card.

So what makes this so special? Well our favourite feature is it does all the annoying little tasks for you. For example, if you went into Starbucks to by a Latte, Apple Pay will pay with the card you choose, and it will use your Starbucks card automatically, meaning you can collect points with ease. This makes searching through your endless pile of loyalty cards a thing of the past.

Another cool feature is how you will be able to use Apple Pay within an app. If you are shopping on the Argos app for example, you can now pay for products using your fingerprint, rather than getting your wallet, finding your card, and putting all of those hard to read numbers into the form. This makes online shopping much easier for everyone who uses Apple Pay.

Oh and one more thing. If you choose to use Apple Pay, you don’t even have to type the numbers of your card in. I mean that is so 2014. Simply aim your iPhone camera at the card, and Apple Pay will pick up all of the information and put the card into the new ‘Wallet’ app.


With all of these top features, we think Apple Pay is definitely going to be a big hit in the UK when it's released this month. With many of the top banks supporting the system, it will be interesting to see the take up of the service in the first few days. It is a real hit or miss concept, and nobody really knows which way it will swing.

We are looking forward to using Apple Pay, and with the number of bank accounts that are eligible, we are all hoping to start using it on the day of release. Conveniently, our local McDonald’s will allow us to use the service, so we’ll probably be testing it out there.

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