FA Launch £180m Strategy to Keep Grassroots Football Alive and Kicking

30th March 2021

Grassroots football is set to receive £180m funding over the next four years to bolster its recovery from covid-19 despite estimated losses of £300m during the hard-hitting global pandemic.

With many industries succumbing to the pandemic over the past 12 months, there are few industries that have been hit harder than grassroots football. English grassroots football took a huge hit as soon as the first lockdown was actioned, with all sports facilities closed and organised sports activities banned for the foreseeable future.

Now, as the government begins to lift restrictions, the FA has decided to fund the industry with a new £180m incentive that will see the new 'Survive, Revive, Thrive' strategy begin over a four-year period. This strategy aims to satisfy the following 7 objectives in a bid to keep grassroots football alive post-pandemic: 

  • Male participation - modern incentives to retain and re-engage male participants
  • Female participation - a sustainable model based on a world-class offer to engage female participants
  • Club network - a vibrant national club network that meets community needs and focuses on delivering safe grassroots football
  • Facilities - improved access to good quality pitches
  • Grassroots workforce - transforming the football community by attracting and inspiring volunteers in the game
  • Digital products and services - an efficient grassroots digital ecosystem to enhance administrative and development needs of players, parents, and the workforce
  • Positive environment - a focus on maintaining a diverse footballing community, in a safe environment 

Each of these objectives will massively shape the future for grassroots football, however, we believe that digital products and services will be especially crucial to grassroots' survival. This is a great opportunity for grassroots clubs to take advantage of government funding and use it to get on board with some fantastic digital sports products and services like our very own Sportals that can enhance the administrative side of a grassroots club, as well as become another important income stream for the club itself.


To learn more about Sportals, visit the Sportals website here or give us a call today on 01924 280876.


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