Everything You Need To Know About Linked In Stories

11th November 2020

What are Linked In Stories? Are they useful? How do you incorporate them into your content marketing strategy? If you’re asking yourself these questions, then look no further – we’ve got you covered.

The gradual introduction of the stories feature has proven to be a hit with social media users. Instagram experienced an 80% increase in the time their users spent watching videos on their channels, but now that Linked In has jumped on the bandwagon, will this trend continue into the business world? 

What Are Linked in Stories?

Linked In stories is an off-the-cuff video feature that has a maximum length of 20 seconds and is very similar to what Linked In’s social media counterparts offer. It’s only currently available on mobile and it only has a limited number of features to use. These features include a select number of stickers that can be used to animate your content or spark conversations, the ability to mention other users, and a text box. Stories can also be shared with other Linked In members via message.

How to Use Them

Linked In stories are located at the very top of the Linked In news feed and it’s super easy to get started; all you have to do is press the “+” button on the “Your Story” tab and you’re away! Once you’ve posted your story, your display image will join the others that sit at the top of the news feed. This is a great opportunity for brands to raise awareness simply by having their brand logo shown at the top of the news feed - giving users a great incentive to get involved.

5 Linked In Stories Content Ideas To Try

At this point you’re probably wondering what your business could use this feature for, so here’s 5 Linked In Story content ideas as a reward for reading this far.

five linked in stories content ideas to try

1) Advertise your latest post – use the feature as a separate channel to promote your latest Linked In post. This can increase your reach and, as mentioned previously, simply having your brand’s logo sitting above the news feed is a bonus in itself!

2) Preview upcoming products and services – stories are ideal for teasing new products as the duration of each story is so short. In addition, each story is removed from your profile after 24 hours, so you’re not left with clutter on your main Linked In profile.

3) Host a Q&A session to become a thought leader – there are many stickers that can be used for sparking conversations and one of these is an ‘ask me anything’ sticker. This sticker can be used to start a Q&A session with like-minded individuals which, in turn, can help you to be perceived as a thought leader in your field.

4) Case Studies & Testimonials – show off your past customer successes and mention them in your story. You never know, they might share it on their own story, which then spreads your content to all of their followers in the process – bingo!

5) Behind the scenes – let’s face it, we’re living in a world where we’re losing that human touch; everything is so polished and perfect. By offering a laidback glimpse into the behind the scenes activities of your business, you have the opportunity to connect with other Linked In members on a personal level like never before.

If you’re struggling with content marketing ideas, get in touch with our friendly digital marketing team today and take advantage of our fantastic services here in West Yorkshire. Over the past 13 years, we have helped some of the UK’s leading businesses stay on top of their content whilst delivering high-quality content, every time.

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