Did you know your iPhone is secretly tracking your movements?

17th February 2017
You probably don't know this but if you have location services enabled on your iPhone, you're allowing the device to keep track of places you've been, when, how long for and how often...

The service works by triangulating your GPS coordinates and keeping an extremely detailed log of where’ve you’ve been on a map and even includes time stamps, all this is stored deep (deep) within your location settings. Not to worry though, you have the ability to turn off this feature within your setting, that’s if you can find it.

Believe it or not, it’s very typical for smartphones to track your location these days - Apple isn’t the only culprit, did you know that Google does the same thing with Android, as does Microsoft for Windows Phone 7? 

Apple reassured its users that the feature is used in order to learn places that are significant to you and improve traffic routing services. The company says the data is stored locally on your iPhone and will not be accessed elsewhere or shared with anyone else. With this being said, you can’t deny the fact it’s pretty scary that your phone is keeping tracks on you; it can even recognise where you work and live by monitoring where you spend the most time.

If you value your privacy, it’s probably a good idea to turn this feature off but be aware that doing so could prevent certain apps that are highly dependent on your location services like Google Maps and Uber not working to the best of their ability.

To locate these settings and see your frequent locations log, follow the steps below.

First open up your ‘Settings’ menu, select ‘Privacy’, then ‘Location Services’. Go near the bottom of the page and you should see ‘System Services’, click that.

Iphone tracking 1 

From here you can access your 'frequent locations', this is where the location logs are stored and where you can turn off the feature. You can also clear the location history that’s already logged.

Iphone Tracking 2

Click on one of the logs and it will open up further information about the exact location, when you went there and how long you spent in the location. Scary right?

Iphone Tracking 3

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