Coronavirus: The Increase in use of Technology

15th May 2020

The COVID-19 outbreak has caused many of us to stay at home, a lot of people are working while others are keen to find things to do.

Technology is a huge part of many people’s lives, with over 5.11 billion mobile phone users worldwide, 4.57 billion of those were active internet users as of April 2020.

With all public gatherings called off, people are seeking their entertainment on streaming services like Netflix and YouTube and looking to connect with their loved ones on social media platforms like Facebook.

This is not the only way technology usage has rapidly increased due to Coronavirus. Since the virus outbreak, many of us have transformed our homes into our workspace – and need to keep in regular contact with our colleagues, this is where online video platforms like Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Skype have become extremely popular. Video conferencing platforms offer video and audio calls, one to one meeting, group conferencing and a secure interface.

in March 2020, Zoom was 151% higher on average than in 2019 – according to Apptopia, who’s data is based purely on usage of the application on smartphones and other mobile devices.

As well as the increase of technology inside our homes, we are also using it more outside our homes – which have been introduced to promote optimum safety and hygiene standards.

Everyday shopping isn’t something that is accessible right now, so we are all turning to e-commerce sites, to do our shopping online. Parcelhero says e-commerce purchases are likely to increase to 40% from 20%. In fact, Amazon had seen such a demand since the pandemic that they hired 100,000 more staff.

As well as online shopping, people still need to go into shops and buy their essentials, and when doing so they are prompted to use digital and contactless payments, to avoid the spread of COVID-19.

It is clear to see that technology is a huge part of our lives and will continue to evolve. From helping us pay for our essentials, keeping in touch with loved ones, work conferences to shopping online – we use it every day.

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