Commonly Mistaken Emojis

30th September 2016
Emojis are widely used in daily conversations whether it be over text, social media or even email. The new iOS iMessage also allows you to switch up words entirely for an emoji, which maybe be ok for the easily interpreted emojis but what about the ones people commonly misuse?

Ok, let’s start with arguably the most mistaken emoji, the ‘sassy’ hair flick girl, I’m pretty sure this is a universal misunderstanding as it is used often to show sassiness to a comment. However, its original purpose was an ‘Information Desk Girl’ who is answering customer’s questions… I’m still not so sure. The other slightly confusing girl emoji is the one showing her hands on her head, not one of our most used emojis, but apparently, she is making an OK sign with her body.


This one is often used in times of stress or worry and some people use it to express fear also, however, it’s not supposed to be any of those emotions, in fact, this one is a ‘confounded’ face which means to express anger or annoyance.


The two variations of grinning faces are usually used to show cringe, awkwardness, nervousness and also some use it to show excitement (guilty!) but in reality tone of the faces is the grinning face and the other is ‘grimacing’.


A lot of people use this face as a shocked emotion or even a ‘dead’ astonished, it is supposed to show dizziness.


When I think of sleepy faces I think of the emoji with ‘zzz’ not the one below, many use this one as another crying face or upset emoji but it is actually a sleepy emoji and the tear is not a tear at all, it is a snot bubble!

Sleepy_EmojiIf this emoji doesn’t represent anger or ‘fuming’ then I’m not sure what does, of course, there are two angry faces already so this is actually supposed to portray triumph.


These are just my top picks (and ones I was mistaking!) there are others too. If you have any favourite emojis that you’ve been using wrong all this time or you know someone who does, talk to us over on Twitter!

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