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Christmas Ad Round-Up 2018

4th December 2018

Christmas adverts have become a highly anticipated event at this time of year and retailers do not disappoint, but which one is your favourite this year?

John Lewis

Let’s start with the obvious. John Lewis always wows with their Christmas Ads from Monty the Penguin to Man on the Moon so it’s no surprise that people were looking forward to seeing their 2018 advert.

Featuring the legendary singer, Elton John, the advert takes a look at his career all the way back to the beginning when he was gifted his grandmother’s piano. It has a nostalgic feel to it, although not quite as heart-warming as the penguin looking for love!


Kevin the Carrot is back in Aldi’s series of Christmas ads! One of the adverts featured Kevin driving a lorry that resembled another very famous red Christmas lorry (Coca-Cola) and the others feature Kevin and his family with the evil Parsnip, Pascal.


Jumping on the bandwagon, Argos has introduced a ‘character’ to be the star of their advert and in this case, it’s the bad guy. Branded as the ‘Christmas Fool’ these creepy Dobby-like creatures are out to ruin Christmas in any possible way they can until the Argos Fast-Track delivery driver comes along to save the day and lock up the mischievous ‘fools’.


Similarly to last year’s advert, #ShowThemYouKnowThem, Boots have a real focus on family and relationships but this time it looks at a Mother and Daughter relationship, showing how they maybe get on each other’s nerves a little but they ‘get each other’. The advert also features their take of the Robbie William’s song, She’s the One.


An uplifting advert showing everyone’s excitement around gift giving this Christmas, complete with singing Amazon boxes. The advert shows the simplicity of ordering gifts online instead of battling with the Christmas shoppers in stores.


This year’s advert is fun and silly and (obviously) features lots of George-wearing guests and Asda food. The theme is ‘Bring Christmas Home’ which makes sense as you can buy a lot of the festive stuff under one roof.


Last but not least, we wanted to mention Waitrose & Partners first collaborative Christmas ad with sister company John Lewis & Partners. It cleverly merges the ad with the John Lewis Elton John ad we mentioned at the beginning by showing the family watching (or fast-forwarding) the advert so they could tuck into the Dark Chocolate and Orange Stollen Wreath they got from Waitrose.

Which is your favourite Christmas ad this year?

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