Cheeky Nando's vs Netflix and Chill

30th September 2015
Embracing what the public say about your company is the best thing you can do. Both Nando's and Netflix have been subject to some top quality social media banter, and now they both have a great third party slogan, which are taking social media by storm.

Let’s start with a cheeky Nando’s. Here’s the rough definition courtesy of the internet:
It’s just like one day you’ll be with your mates, having a look in JD, and you might fancy going to grab a curry at ‘Spoons, but your lad Calum, who’s an absolute legend and the archbishop of banterbury will be like “mate let’s have a cheeky Nando’s instead.” And you’ll think “Sick mate, let’s smash it.”

The exact origin of the phrase ‘Cheeky Nando’s’ will remain a mystery, however it has kicked off on social media. Meme’s and Tumblr posts have been posted in their thousands, and now we’re left hoping our Nando’s meals live up to their cheeky credentials.

There’s even a song, and it is extra cheeky

Nando’s have been top lads and embraced the Cheeky Nando’s hype. They have been on a search for an anonymous Tumblr user in order to have them experience the cheekiness for themselves. Find the full blog post here

Nando’s haven’t exactly had to do much in order to get their name spread all over social media. Conveniently for them, the cheeky Nando’s hype has gained massive traction without them doing much. Platforms such as ‘The Lad Bible’ and ‘Uni LAD’ have been huge players in pushing the slogan, but we don’t think Nando’s are complaining!

Next up is Netflix, who have also been subject to quite an unexpected social media trend. The term ‘Netflix and Chill’ has been gaining traction on social media, again posted by people wanting some top quality banter. It’s a meme that is relatable and funny, which of course makes it a popular one for the internet.

Netflix and Chill is code for doing certain activities with your partner while Netflix is on in the background. This Tumblr post should help you figure it out if you don’t know already

Netflix, in a similar style have jumped onto the bandwagon, by releasing a video on how to make ‘The Netflix Switch’ which allows you to quickly prepare yourself for Netflix and Chill. It silences your phone, orders your food and gets the room ready for the perfect Netflix and Chill atmosphere. Here’s the video:

So which campaign is best? According to, #cheekynandos has been used over 2,400 times, however #netflixandchill has been used over 17,500 times. So Netflix and Chill is winning the mention war, however does this translate to sales?

People who comment about a Cheeky Nando’s are more likely to be at Nando’s, as they want the online community to appreciate the cheekiness. Whereas, the Netflix and Chill hype is most likely repeat users, or hilarious memes people have found.

Overall both companies have been extremely lucky to get such a great marketing campaign online by doing absolutely nothing. But using it for themselves has added even more value to the third party slogans, which means both companies will be happy to push their hashtags even further.

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