Black Friday is Here to Stay

14th January 2015
In America, Black Friday has been a phenomenon for decades. However it didn't mean a lot to us in the UK until 2010. Amazon started to offer their Black Friday deals in the UK and unsurprisingly this caught like wildfire amongst retailers.

2014’s Black Friday resulted in the biggest online shopping day ever, taking the top position away from the sales in the week before Christmas.

How do retailers benefit?

First of all, it’s a handy way to get rid of old stock to make way for the next ‘big things’ right?

And although we try to avoid it, when shopping online we rarely end up only adding the one item we came for to the basket.

Take a look at some of the results of Black Friday 2014 in the infographic below:

What has Black Friday got in store for 2015?

Much to John Lewis boss Andy Street’s dismay, Black Friday plans a grand return in 2015.

With over £800,000,000 spent online on Black Friday last year, retailers cannot afford to miss out on gaining a chunk of this!

This tech savvy generation rely on you being online to snap up their bargains and just under 60% of consumers used a mobile device to purchase products in 2014 meaning if your e-commerce site isn’t mobile-optimised you’re losing out.

In 2015, Black Friday falls on Friday 27 November. Are you ready?

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14th January 2015
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