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6 Things You Can Use Incognito Mode For

14th May 2019

There is an option when browsing to use Incognito or Private mode but the majority of us don’t really understand the practical purpose of doing so.

Basically, Incognito, which is Google Chrome’s mode of privacy works by preventing tracking cookies from picking you up and it will also not store your search history or URL’s that you have visited during the session. It will not, however, prevent your ISP for example, seeing your search history, for this, you will need to connect to a virtual private network (VPN). If you are browsing in something other than Chrome such as Safari, this mode may be called Private.

When someone mentions using Incognito, it isn’t uncommon to be a little confused as to why, after all, you have to be up to something if you’re using a private mode, right? Wrong. Here are some very useful ways to use Incognito;

1) Using Multiple Emails

Have you ever needed to log in to multiple email accounts? By using Incognito, you can have two separate accounts logged in at once. There are ways you can get around this but it involves setting up profiles.

2) When Using Another Computer

If you’re using a computer that is not yours to sign up or log in to something, it could be a good idea to use Incognito to ensure your credentials are not saved.

3) Buying Gifts

With all the cookies and adverts surrounding us online, it is hard to buy a gift without the other person getting it advertised to them on the side-bar! Use Incognito to avoid spoiled surprises.

4) For Harmless But Odd Searches 

Let’s say you’re writing an essay for Psychology, we imagine some searches might not be the sanest when it comes to researching Psychopaths. Also, one Reddit user’s hobby is art and they use the mode when searching for reference photos of children, for obvious reasons.

5) For Privacy

At the end of the day, there are certain things you may not want others to see. For example, if you are searching about medical or mental health or you may even be looking for advice about something serious which you wouldn’t share with a partner or family yet e.g. divorce laws.

6) To Trick Cookies

As you probably know, the majority of websites track your visit and in some circumstances can raise prices or take away offers for previous visitors e.g. holiday booking websites. If you use Incognito, you will look like a new visitor!

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