5 Key Benefits of an ERP System

18th November 2020

Simply put, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) business systems are the most efficient way to manage your business processes. In this article, we discuss the 5 key benefits that an ERP system can bring to your business.

 1) The Power of Automation

Automation is key in enabling businesses to streamline their processes as it eliminates repetitive daily tasks and administrative work. This means that the time that was originally created for completing these laborious tasks can be allocated to other activities that are less geared towards keeping the cogs spinning, and more towards increasing revenue for your business. Automation also eradicates any chance of human input errors that are likely to occur with manual data input processes. 

2) Data Accessibility and Security

As remote working becomes the norm, many businesses are seeking a cloud-based system that provides users with access to everything, wherever they may be. This is where an ERP can prove to be highly beneficial as all users within the organisation have remote access to cloud data which can, in turn, improve collaboration between departments. Data security is also enhanced with cloud technology, as data is centralized in one, highly secure location as opposed to being stored on several private servers that are vulnerable to hackers. 

3) Supply Chain Management Efficiency

ERP systems can improve supply chain management processes by facilitating stock replenishment, ensuring that inventory levels are always where they need to be. Purchase orders and invoices can also be generated automatically, saving your business time once again through automated processes. 

4) Client Benefits

Your business is not the only recipient of the benefits, your customers are too! One centralized ERP system means that ever-changing customer relationships can be tracked on a company-wide basis and can therefore replace any CRM system you may currently have. This keeps your staff in unison due to the customer relationship status and knowledge that is shared and readily available via the cloud. 

5) Flexibility

Ultimately, an ERP system can benefit your business in a number of ways but perhaps the best advantage is that an ERP system has the ability to grow with your business. This means that you won’t need to invest in another solution later on down the line as most ERP systems will adapt to the needs of a growing business. Some ERP’s, such as Oversite, are bespoke which means that you can build your ERP system from the ground up and add the necessary features as your business grows and changes; giving you even more flexibility and return on investment.

If you’re interested in getting started with an ERP System, speak to us today. Our talented developers are experts when it comes to creating the perfect ERP system and would love to help any business with their project, no matter how big or small.

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