2017’s most popular tweets, as voted by you

29th December 2017

Twitter currently has around 330 million active monthly users (13 million in the UK), making it the 7th most used social media network in the UK, behind Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram and Tumblr. 

Twitter UK managing director Dara Nasr said: “The UK's biggest retweets of the year are a great way to look back on some of our more notable tweets, and what a collection we have from poignant moments, acts of amazing charity and the usual dose of comedy.

“In what's been a tough twelve months for many, this year's Top 10 UK retweets really show the difference people can make on Twitter, no matter whether you have just a handful of followers or many millions.”

Just this year, over 500million tweets per day were posted on the micro-blogging platform. From funny to heartfelt, we’ve rounded up the most popular to take a look back on…

5. Jeremy Clarkson Dabbing

In at 5th place is ex-Top Gear and current Grand Tour presenter Jeremy Clarkson. The bizarre picture, which was posted out to Clarkson’s seven million followers, was reportedly taken on a holiday in Mallorca.

4. Barack Obama spreading the message of equality

Former President Barack Obama’s inspiring tweet, quoting the late Nelson Mandela, has become the fourth most retweeted tweet of the year. The post, which was posted in response to a white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, was also the most liked tweet of 2017.

3. Jermain Defoe paying tribute to “best friend”, Bradley Lowery

Footballer Jermain Defoe’s touching tribute to Bradley Lowery was the third most retweeted post of 2017 in the UK. Despite a high-profile campaign, the youngster sadly died of neuroblastoma in July.

2. Ariana Grande responds to Manchester terror attack

Pop star Ariana Grande’s heartfelt response to the Manchester Terror Attack in May is the second most retweeted and liked tweet of 2017.

1. Carter Wilkerson asking for free chicken nuggets 

Believe it or not, a boy’s plea for free chicken nuggets was the most retweeted post of 2017.

In April, 16-year-old Carter Wilkerson asked US fast-food chain Wendy’s how many retweets he would need in order to receive a free, year’s supply of chicken nuggets. This post, and their reply of “18 million” has been retweeted over 3.6 million times, and has since become the most retweeted post in social media history.

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