11 Unique Black Friday 2020 Marketing Hacks for Online Retailers

25th November 2020

Boost your sales this year with our top 11 Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2020 marketing tips and tricks!

Thanks to the coronavirus, Black Friday is going to feel more like ‘Cyber Friday’ this year, with many retailers relying on a fully-fledged eCommerce system to take the reins from brick-and-mortar stores. However, this also means that, due to the increased online competition, it’s never been more important to cut above the noise, so we’ve put together 11 unique hacks to make your sales surge.

1) Create Scarcity

One of the best ways to boost sales is to create scarcity around your product. This can be achieved by adding time restrictions to your offers which will limit the amount of time customers can shop around for other deals after seeing your offer.

 2) Introduce New Products

Waiting to introduce some new products? Are you unsure about how well they will perform? Well, what better opportunity is there to try it out than the one day a year where your traffic is likely to be at its highest? Not only that, but it’s a good opportunity to freshen up your store and to show that you’re not just flogging old and outdated stock.

3) Create a Facebook Event

Creating an event for your sale is a great way to raise awareness of your sale. This works especially well if you’re a local business with customers you know personally, as you can invite them and encourage them to invite their friends so that they don’t miss out on your amazing deals!

4) Use Messenger/Chatbots

Having a chatbot on your website is essentially like having a sales assistant working front-of-house at your physical store. Use them to improve the customer service aspect of your eCommerce store. Failing that, there’s always Facebook messenger or other social media direct messaging services that can offer some automated responses and serve as a low commitment form of contact.

 5) Stand Out Visually

Most businesses are using black imagery in their marketing promotions to get their point across, but you’re better than that. Be bold and take the opportunity to go against the grain by making your graphics as colourful and visually engaging as possible! RMDY Clothing have used this in their Black Friday Campaign called 'Colourful Friday'. We love how unique and different it is, it's bound to turn heads! 

 6) Preview Upcoming Offers

If you’re waiting for the right moment to start your sale, it’s best to give plenty of notice - and the best way to do that is to preview your upcoming offers on your website and across social media. This is so powerful as customers will always compare any new deals that they come across to yours. You could even go one step further and tie customers into committing to your business further by offering 10% off the upcoming sale to customers who subscribe to your mailing list.

 7) Keep the Great Deals Coming!

Why take a break between Black Friday and Cyber Monday? Keep adding new deals throughout the weekend because, let’s face it, this is when customers are going to have the most time on their hands to browse the web.

 8) Reward Loyal Customers

Reward your loyal customers by giving them exclusive access to your deals before other first-time visiting customers. These customers are far more likely to repay the favour through further custom in the future and it’s a fact that it costs much more to attract and convert new customers than existing customers. To do this, send an email to your loyal customers containing an exclusive discount code to make their day!

 9) Product Bundles

Bundle together certain products that closely relate and sell them for a decreased price for the bundle. Not only does this encourage customers to buy more from you, but it’s also great for them as they save money compared to purchasing the products within the bundle separately.

 10) Retarget Abandoned Carts

The chances are, you’re going to get a number of customers abandoning their carts following the hustle and bustle of Black Friday.  Whilst it could be a sign that the customer is no longer interested, this could also be due to distractions or waiting for approval from another person. So, remain positive and retarget them – you could be doing them a favour! Find out how to retarget your customers via email here, or via Facebook here.

 11) Free Gifts

Offer free gifts as an incentive for customers to purchase certain items. This can be especially useful to increase demand for products that aren’t selling that well as well as using up any extra or old stock that is unwanted or hard to sell.

We Don’t Bite!

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